Me Annie Boivin-Breton

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Annie Boivin-Breton practices in the areas of civil and commercial litigation and construction law. She has also been involved in various class action files.

Me Boivin-Breton is gifted with an exceptional capacity to address complex legal issues. Before joining the BDBL team, she worked for more than two years in a large national firm as a student and articling student. She has had the privilege of participating in major files pertaining to impact costs in construction matters directed against important work givers, as well as in numerous class action proceedings instituted against manufacturers, retailers and public agencies.

A representative sample of mandates

In the area of commercial litigation and construction

  • Acts in numerous recourses for an important public corporation in the context of hydroelectric infrastructure projects.
  • Acts as an attorney for an important corporation operating in the steel industry in the context of private arbitration.
  • Acts for a global timber company in the context of a litigation relating to the valuation of inventories and working capital further to sale of assets.
  • Acts for a British corporation specialized in the manufacturing of waterproof membranes used in the context of major construction works.
  • Acts in the context of numerous recourses for an important paramunicipal corporation which acts as a real estate developer and promoter.

Disciplinary law

  • Acts on behalf of pharmacists in matters concerning professional ethics.
  • Acts as an advisor and attorney for a self-regulatory organization in the securities field.

Municipal law

  • Acts on behalf of world-class real estate company.

In the area of class actions

  • Acts for automobile parts manufacturers in numerous class actions pursuant to alleged Competition Act infringement.
  • Acts for an important paramunicipal corporation in the context of a class action alleging illegal rent increases.


  • 2011 – Called to the Québec Bar
  • 2010 – LL.B., Université de Montréal, (Dean’s Award of Excellence)
  • 2008 – B.Sc., Université de Montréal (Dean’s Award of Excellence)

Areas of expertise

  • Civil and Commercial Litigation
  • Construction Law
  • Appellate Litigation and Judicial Review
  • Class Actions
  • Professional Liability

Preparation of presentations

  • Review of recent jurisprudence with respect to professional liability
    • Grande Rencontre Contech « Les Réclamations sous tous les angles », November 2013, Palais des congrès, Montreal
  • Better management of claims
    • 12e journée d’étude sur les réclamations sur contrats, Université Laval, Faculté des sciences et de génie (2013)

Associations and activities

  • Quebec Bar
  • Young Bar Association of Montreal
  • Canadian Bar Association – Quebec division
  • Office Québec-Amériques pour la jeunesse (OQAJ) : humanitarian aid in Guatemala (2004)
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